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Our History...


Mexico Lindo Restaurant was started by Vincent Quintana. He was employed by General Motors and would take in Mexican food for Lunch. He saw that many people were interested in what type of food he was eating. After a while, some of his co-workers would trade their sandwiches for his food. He then realized that there was need for Mexican food in the area. He and a friend (Lalo) located a spot on Highland Road just west of Airport Road in Waterford during the winter of 1970.


The building was a popular Drive-In named Rael’s for many years before it was Mexico Lindo. Mexico Lindo opened on March 29th 1970. Vincent and Lalo worked opposite shift at General Motors, and would take turns cooking at the restaurant.

Vincent Quintana 


As the area and the restaurant grew Vincent’s wife Isabel began taking on all of the day-to-day operations. Then in 1978 they acquired a liquor license, added a bar area and incorporated the business. As the years went on, the business and surrounding community grew and grew. In 1992 Vincent and Isabel added a large bar and re-modeled the entire restaurant. During that time they also created one of the first completely smoke-free dining areas.


Isabel Quintana 


In 1994 the Lindo was sold to Elizabeth (their Daughter) and Kasper (their son-in-law). They plan to carry on the family owned business for many years to come, and one day maybe pass it on to one of their three children.




In 2005 & 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Mexico Lindo was voted best Mexican Restaurant by the Oakland Press Readers Poll (best of the best). Many families and friends have been coming to Mexico Lindo for two or even three generations for good Mexican food and a great family friendly environment.  



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Elizabeth Quintana 
(Current Owner)

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